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“Dear Jan and JD, I was in attendance at the Healing Touch conference at Breckenridge, CO in 2000.  Before you began singing, I saw your group standing in a circle in the little hallway centering yourselves, I assume, for your time with us. I was touched. The moment the music began, I left my seat and went to the back of the room to be free to move with the music.  It went straight to my heart; it filled my cells. Your lyrics and the music that weekend stirred me deep within and continues to do so today. As I continue to explore our place in The Universe Story and the evolution of consciousness, I find your work resonates with that Story and with me.  Blessings to you.” -JoAnne Scullin


“Dear Jan, We so appreciate you and JD and your extraordinary music. I wanted to share a story with you about your song “Let Her Go.”  A few weeks ago I was receiving 3 or 4 e-mails a day from a friend whose mother was in hospice. Her mom’s name was Violet and she was a remarkable woman. She was widowed when she was young, she had 3 kids under 11. She took in laundry and ironed clothes for $1 an hour. Ultimately she was able to find better employment. All 3 of her children are good people.

Her slow letting go was painful for the family members. One of the many e-mails I received from my friend Sue made me think of your song, “Let her go.” Violet was a spirited, joy filled woman who always saw greater possibilities before her. So I sent Sue a cut of your song and within a half hour she said she had played it for other family members in the hospice waiting room.

They played it at their mom’s memorial service. Just last week, I received a forwarded text from Sue. Her brother said he had listened to your song at least 100 times and it was really helping him. Your music makes such a difference in ways I am sure you don’t always realize.
With deep appreciation, Flossie Ernzen, Plymouth MI


“Good morning, Jan & JD, I am very happy to share an incident early in my ministry. I serve in leadership at a ---Unity spiritual center, and one of my congregants was a lady in her 90s. She loved me, loved our community, and had loved her life. Her husband of many, many, many years, Lyle, had passed on a couple of years prior, and she still loved and missed him with all her being.

In Unity, we do not teach the concept of a literal Heaven, and one day after service, she asked to speak to me privately. "Nita, I know you keep saying there isn't a place in the sky called Heaven where we go when we die. You know I believe you, but if there's no heaven, where is Lyle waiting for me? He promised he'd wait for me, and I know he is. So where is he?"

I knew that she required a real answer, not just some feel-good platitude. In that moment, I heard the words to your song, “Living in the Heart of God,” come into my mind, and I told her that Lyle was living in the Heart of God. I told her I believe we all have our being in the Heart of God, and that included Lyle, her, me, all of us, no matter which side of the human life experience we are in. She got a huge, beaming smile on her face and said, "I knew it! I knew there was a reason I could still talk to him and he can still talk to me. Its because we're both living in the same place."

I hold immense appreciation and gratitude for your music.
-Rev. Nita Strauss


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