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This album contains two original songs that were inspired by JD's Mennonite roots, “Unity (Jesus Help Us Live In Peace)” & “Jesus, Rock of Ages.” The CD also contains instrumental tracks with and without vocal harmonies for those who want to sing along.

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Unity - Jesus Help Us Live In Peace

Words and Music by JD Martin

Jesus help us live in peace
From our blindness set us free
Fill us with your healing love
Help us live in unity

Many times we don't agree
On what's right or wrong to do
It's so hard to really see
From the other's point of view

Jesus help us live in peace....

How we long for power and fame
Seeking every earthly think
We forget the one who came
As a servant, not a king

Jesus help us live in peace....

©1971, 2003 Gill 'n' Goldie Music (ASCAP)

Jesus Rock of Ages

Words and Music by JD Martin

Jesus, rock of ages
Let me hide myself in thee
Jesus, living water
Let me drink from your flowing stream

Your love comes pouring in my life
Fills my heart til it overflows
You revive my dying spirit
Til it blossoms and grows

Jesus, rock of ages....

Your love has been a firm foundation
Solid ground that never moves
Your words of wisdom will protect me
And guide me to the truth

Jesus, rock of ages....

Let me drink from your flowing stream

©1974 Gill 'n' Goldie Music (ASCAP)

4 additional tracks:

Unity-track with harmony vocals
Unity-track without harmony vocals
Jesus Rock of Ages-track with harmony vocals
Jesus Rock of Ages-track without harmony vocals



















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