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Welcome to our New Video Series.

For the past year we have been posting a short video of us singing one of our favorite original songs. These vignettes also include stories behind the songs, a friendly peek into our creative process.

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The Heart of Harmony

There's a Heart of Harmony we are all longing to tune into.
It's the direct experience of remembering with great relief, who we really are.
The words suggest a path, the music takes us there.

“Jan Garrett and JD Martin’s music throws me into ‘gushmatic overdrive.’  Their performances and recordings are a spectacularly creative collection of heartsongs, inspired life lessons sung with ease and joy, reminding me again that every day is a gift…..”~Paul Williams, Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, author and recovery advocate

The Original Music

  • Universally uplifting and inspiring….Garrett & Martin defy borders and categories, embracing and celebrating all spiritual traditions and philosophical perspectives centered in the heart.

  • The songs are deep and moving, fiery and funny, a feast of musical endorphins, lyrical depth, luscious vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar.

  • Rich and intelligent….Music to open the heart and refresh the spirit…A velvet-hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as it is to the ear.

  • Garrett & Martin’s music is a soulful ride through light and shadow, reminding us that wherever we go, we’re already home.

Inspirations from the Aspen Grove

This is What I Know

This is what I know:  We are all connected,
The universe reflected in each shining part.
And everywhere I go I recognize the faces,
All of my relations in this one heart.

And all I need is already looking through these eyes,
Nearer than my breathing, closer than hands and feet.
We are dreaming together all the gifts of heaven and earth,
And so I receive all I can be.

Now I let it go, with such appreciation.
With sheer exhilaration I set it free,
And so it is, and so be it, when I sing it I can see it
I welcome us in, and now we begin….

Words and Music by Jan Garrett, © 2003


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“Rarely does one experience an impactful combination of compelling musicality and full heartfelt wisdom together. Jan and JD have captured…and continue to offer to the world…what our Soul not only is longing for, but what it is craving.” -Todd Welden, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Acupuncture, Satsang

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"I have always enjoyed Jan and JD's transformational songs and extraordinary gifts, appreciating the craft and heart that they effortlessly convey through their music, their singing, their outreach in the world, and their huge commitment to the reason music is so important to all of us. Their friendship, music, and recordings find a permanent place in my life. Just Listen..." -Ben Dowling, pianist/composer/LA music producer